Welcome to our website!

JG Digital are specialists in the development of affordable web sites in Portsmouth, Fareham, Eastleigh, Southampton and Hampshire.

We are a web design company that helps small businesses, clubs and individuals to create their first website or, we can improve an existing website that needs updating.

If you are looking for web site design and development at an affordable price, yet still retain the quality, then we can help.

Julia Giles

Hello! JG Digital is my baby!

Julia Giles is a freelance web developer who loves working with people to create great websites. Julia has been in the computing industry for 25 years working with large and small companies, locally and globally.

Annabelle Giles

I’m the tester, I make sure all the bits are working together.

Annabelle Giles is a website tester, she works her way through all the web pages on your website, ensuring there are no spelling mistakes and most importantly, that all those images, buttons and links work.

Annabelle will also be testing your website on different browsers to ensure your website displays as expected and and can be found in the Search Engine Rankings (SER).

Philippa ‘Pip’ Giles

I take the pictures and work the graphics so your web pages look stunning!
Philippa Giles is a freelance graphic designer. She takes photographs, creates images, icons and logos.